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The driftwood in this section is best for plant-only vivariums, palludariums and ripariums or best used as mounts. All of it is pulled from clean, remote freshwater sources, and most of the pieces are in the Cypress family, T. occidentalis (unless otherwised noted). This wood is fantastic for orchids, bromeliads, and many other plants! It's incredibly rot resistant and the same type of wood that house shingles are made out of!

If you need driftwood for dart frog or other amphibian/reptile vivariums, please check out our Manzanita Driftwood or Contact Us, as we do often have hardwood driftwood in stock like maple, oak, or other species. We are working to get another section up where you can find suitable hardwood driftwood up, but in the meantime will notate *HARDWOOD* with the type of wood in the description for frog-safe woods. 

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