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Q. Are BPZ Original and ColorBomb complete diets?
A. Yes, we have been feeding our collection these diets exclusively since 2012. Both contain adequate calcium and a multivitamin. If you use UVB lighting with your geckos, you may request diet without D3, but if you do not, we also offer it with D3.

Q. Do I still have to feed insects when feeding your diet?
A. Although our diets are complete and formulated based on insect protein we still recommend feeding your geckos live insects for the stimulus of hunting.

Q. Why is your diet more expensive?
Our diets are not actually more expensive than our competitors' diets! We package in grams and kilograms, so you are actually geting more for your dollar! One kilogram is equal to over 2.2 lbs.

Q. Why do you package your diet in grams instead of ounces and lbs?
We believe that everyone worldwide should be able to understand our packaging, and one of the best ways to do that is to use the metric scale! Most people weigh their geckos in grams (US and internationally), so we felt that it would be the most effective way for people to know exactly what they're getting!

Q. I would like to become a distributor or puchase wholesale, how do I do it?
A. If you're interested in wholesaling or distributing any of our products, send us an email ( or give us a phone call (207.266.7573) with a little information about your business and we will get you set up with an account!

Q. Do you have a location where I can come buy products?
A. We do not currently have a storefront location, however if you are local or passing through our area, you may order and schedule a time to pick up your order to save on shipping. Our warehouse and facilities are open only to employees. We do attend most regional shows, and you can also pick up items from us there.

Q. Do you ship your products internationally?
A. We ship many of our products internationally, including diet. At the moment, we do not ship single living plants, wood, or soil internationally. If you are interested in a particular animal or bulk plants, please contact us for international shipping.

Q. Where can I find a distributor in my state or country?
A. We have many distributors worldwide - check out our Distributor page for a list!